Our Funds


  • UCITS V Fund
  • Total return
  • It aims to minimize the market risk associated with the portfolio, with particular emphasis on capital protection
  • Multi-Strategy Approach: “Stock-Picking”, “Vol & Trading”, “Spec Sits”, “Risk Arb”, selectively balanced according to market conditions and opportunities
  • Benchmark: Euro Short-Term Rate €STR (ex Eonia) + 8.5 bps
  • Management Company : GAM S.A. (Luxembourg)

Multilabel SICAV LYRA:

  • UCITS V Fund
  • Long-short, with an average net exposure close to 50%
  • Specialized in European Union Small & Mid Caps, with a geographical focus on Italy
  • Bottom-up approach with a strong emphasis on fundamental analysis
  • Benchmark: 25% FTSE Italia Mid Cap (formerly, Midex Italia), 25% MSCI Small Cap Europe, 50% €STR (ex EONIA)
  • Management Company : GAM S.A. (Luxembourg)
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